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Ion Sportswear for Wellness 

Our Technology may help reduce the symptoms of those who suffer from excess sweating (hyperhidrosis), nerve discomfort (neuropathy), physical injury, or other muscle or joint strain. Ion Sportswear now offers men’s and women’s bioelectric socks–Theraputic Performance Support (TPS) clothing that has a myriad of health benefits. This revolutionary technology was conceptualized and designed as a natural remedy to many foot issues. That is because Ion Sportswear’s inventor, Dr. Scott Sheftel, M.D., observed a variety of foot health issues in his practice. Such problems included foot pain, excessive sweating, and other foot issues. As a result, Dr. Sheftel created Ion’s state-of-the-art product: the bioelectric sock. These socks alleviate soreness and pain, and may enhance healing, inhibit fungal growth, reduce excessive sweating, and more! Therefore, those suffering from hyperhydrosis, neuropathy, poor circulation, toe nail or foot fungi, muscle weakness can find relief and support with Ion’s bioelectric socks.

How Bioelectric Socks Provide Health Benefits

Ion’s bioelectric socks augment the body’s natural electric activity. This is made possible through the use of Ion’s patented zinc fiber pattern technology. The zinc ion material gently accelerates the body’s natural a low-level electric current. By increasing low-level currents within the skin, muscle, and blood vessels Ion socks optimize the body’s self-healing potential. Numerous clinical trails have documented the amazing health benefits of micro-current therapy. By harnessing the natural bioelectricity of the body, Ion clothing boosts healing, strength, circulation, and reflexes. Additionally, bioelectric socks inhibit fungal growths, decrease chronic/phantom pain, and dramatically reduce excessive sweating.

Health Benefits of Bioelectric Socks

  • Decreased Sweating: The revolutionary technology suppresses excessive sweating–even for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis! The advanced clothing material keeps feet dry and comfortable even during workouts or in hot environments.
  • Increased Blood Circulation: Ion’s bioelectric socks are interwoven with zinc fibers which activate the skin’s surface. As a result, the increased stimulation gently augments blood flow. Improved circulation means better physical endurance, heightened blood oxygenation, optimized cognitive abilities, and even healthier skin and hair!
  • Nerve Stimulation: The natural reaction between the body and Ion’s Therapeutic Performance Support clothing stimulates nerves. This activation improves reflexes and physical abilities.
  • Physical Recovery: The micro-current technology used in Ion Sportswear helps individuals lessen muscle fatigue, improve muscle recovery, and alleviate soreness and pain.
  • Antimicrobial: The current produced by Ion Sportswear technology helps prevent the spread of microorganisms. Furthermore, these socks inhibit the development of bacteria and fungal growth. No product protects your feet and encourages healthy maintenance like Ion Sportswear’s bioelectric socks!

Advantages of Bioelectric Socks

In response to the many foot health issues Dr. Sheftel observed in his practice such as foot pain, excessive sweating, and other foot issues, he decided to investigate natural solutions for his patients. That is why Dr. Sheftel created Ion’s revolutionary first product: the bioelectric sock. These socks address a multitude of health problems and they come with the many benefits outlined above. Indeed, even people who do not suffer from foot issues will find that their feet feel better and they can stand, work and exercise longer than they could with traditional athletic or compression socks.