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What Is Ion Sportswear

Ion Sportswear is a self-sustaining, bioelectric clothing line that harnesses the power of zinc fibers to gently stimulate the skin. Ion clothing improves health and function by generating microcurrent stimulation when in contact with the skin.

Utilizing skin surface oxygen and moisture to facilitate the oxidation of zinc, Ion Sportswear is able to reduce sweating, enhance blood flow, increase oxygen delivery to tissues, and eliminate cellular waste. All of these benefits – without any wires or external power sources.

Made in America

What Is Microcurrent Stimulation

Decreased Sweating

This incredible technology creates a current on any surface covered by the garment and will decrease the amount of sweat your body produces.

Increased Blood Flow

The zinc thread that is woven into the clothing allows the garment to interact with the body to enhance blood flow.

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Nerve Stimulation

The micro-current created by the zinc thread also stimulates the nerves and can reduce symptoms of neuropathy and pain.

Athletic Conditioning

The technology used in Ion Sportswear allows athletes to experience less muscle fatigue, faster recovery after exertion and reduced muscle soreness.

Anti Microbial

Studies show that the electric field created by micro-currents can create anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity on the skin.

What People Are Saying About ION

“I absolutely love the socks! The first night I put them on just to try around the house, I really felt the difference… Especially after a long day at work! Had my girlfriend try and even she noted the “energetic” feel the sock had. I was very impressed with them last night on my run as well! The quality of the sock is superb and the density is right on par for what I look for out of an active sock. I am excited to continue wear as I get into my half marathon training… I’d love to advocate your brand!”

Our Latest Product

The latest product in Ion Sportswear line can be found below, along with all of our other products which will be coming soon.

Ion Sportswear Uses

Military / Law Enforcement

Our technology helps anyone who spends the majority of the day on their feet deal with long term stress on the feet and control sweating and odor.

General Wellness

Our technology may help those suffering from hyperhidrosis and neuropathy as well as with rehabilitation from injury.


From our socks to the soon to be available arm and knee sleeves, anyone can benefit.