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Bioelectric Socks for First Responders and Law Enforcement

Our technology helps military personnel, law enforcement officers, first responders and anyone who spends the majority of their day on their feet deal with the stress on their feet as well as control sweating and odor.

Ion Sportswear now offers men’s and women’s micro-current bioelectric socks–the perfect product for law enforcement officers. This incredible new invention from Ion Sportswear harnessed the power of zinc fibers to gently stimulate the skin. Ion clothing creates micro-current stimulation which has a myriad of health and performance benefits. By utilizing skin surface oxygen and moisture to facilitate the oxidation of zinc, Ion Sportswear is able to reduce sweating, enhance blood flow, increase oxygen delivery to tissues, and eliminate cellular waste. As a result, Ion’s bioelectric socks keep your feet comfortable, fit, and strong, so you can remain present and focused. Those who work in law enforcement know how important it is to be at your best each day, so why not give Ion Sportswear a try–you won’t regret your decision.

Bioelectric Sportswear Technology

This incredible new technology conceptualized and designed by Dr. Scott Sheftel, M.D., augments the body’s natural electric activity. This Therapeutic Performance Support clothing provides compression support along with the patented proprietary zinc ion fiber pattern. The electroconductive zinc reacts with the skin to create a natural low-level electric current. Increased electric activity within the skin, muscle, and blood vessels optimizes the body’s performance potential. As law enforcement officers, you are acutely aware of the importance of foot health. When it comes to job performance, it is essential that you are always at your best. That is why Ion’s bioelectric socks are the ideal choice for public safety personnel. These Therapeutic Performance Support socks are comfortable, minimize excessive sweating, optimize physical performance, and keep your feet healthy and strong.

Benefits of Bioelectric Socks

  • Decreased Sweating: The advanced technology prevents excessive sweating even for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis–a condition extreme sweating. The enhanced clothing material keeps your feet dry and comfortable even during demanding on the job situations.
  • Increased Blood Circulation: The interwoven zinc pattern activates the skin surface causing the body to increase blood flow. With the boost of blood circulation, service members can perform at their best whether during physical training or in day-to-day duties.
  • Nerve Stimulation: The micro-current activated by the revolutionary Ion Sportswear technology causes the body to react with increased stimulation creating an activating effect to keep your energy and endurance high. Furthermore, this stimulation leads to fast twitch muscle fiber activation–ideal for situations demanding quick reflexes.
  • Blister Prevention: The Ion Sportswear bioelectric socks should help reduce the incidence of blisters.
  • Physical Conditioning: The micro-current technology used in Ion Sportswear boosts endurance and recovery, and reduces muscle soreness. Therefore, bioelectric socks are ideal whether for standing, driving, training, or in physically demanding circumstances.
  • Antimicrobial: The current produced by Ion Sportswear technology helps prevent the spread of microorganisms and inhibits the development of bacteria and fungal growth. In consequence, no product protects your feet and optimizes performance like Ion Sportswear’s bioelectric socks!

Bioelectric Sock Technology for Law Enforcement Use

Dr. Sheftel observed a variety of foot health issues in his practice such as phantom foot pain, excessive sweating, and difficulties with wound healing. As a result, Dr. Sheftel created Ion’s revolutionary first product: the bioelectric sock. These socks address a multitude of health problems and they come with the many benefits outlined above. Indeed, even law enforcement personnel who do not suffer from foot issues will find that their feet feel better. These bioelectric socks allow law enforcement men and women to work with more efficiency and comfort than ever possible with traditional athletic or compression socks.