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Why is microcurrent important in the human body?

Our bodies naturally produce electrical currents that help actuate and maintain our bodies.  Our cells communicate with one another via complex neuropathways generated and maintained by these microcurrents. 

What Can Microcurrent Do?

Clinical Studies show that microcurrents stimulate the skin and underlying tissue including nerves, blood vessels, sweat glands and muscle.  It is also well documented that microcurrent applied to skin stimulates muscle with the preferential use of fast twitch muscle fibers compared to normal initiation of slow twitch muscle fibers.  The overall effect of this stimulation is improved muscle conditioning with exercise. 

Can you feel microcurrent?

No, you will not feel the microcurrent stimulation as it generates such a low level of electrical activity. Although you don’t feel any sensation, it is working at a cellular level. The microcurrent generated is similar to the body’s internal electrical stimulation.

Is Microcurrent stimulation new?

Studies of microcurrent stimulation have been well documented for decades. The effect on the human body is evident both clinically and on a cellular level.  Physiologic studies document increased capillary density, enhanced blood flow and tissue oxygenation, together with enhanced cellular activity including increased protein and nutrient production as well as cellular energy (ATP).  In addition to increasing critical functions within the cell, microcurrent also enhances local cellular absorption of nutrients and facilitates cellular waste elimination, a critical component of muscle performance and recovery.

How is electrical stimulaiton used in medicine?

Centuries of scientific research into electrical energy and the body’s response to it has created the medical basis for today’s modern life enhancing and life saving devices.  Modern examples include devices such as the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit and cardiac defibrillators.  The TENS unit uses an electrical current applied directly to the skin to reduce pain and stimulate repair of injured soft tissues. Cardiac defibrillators detect abnormal electrical activity of the heart and deliver lifesaving electrical shocks which stimulate the heart back into its normal rhythm.

Who benefits from Microcurrent stimulation?

Everyone can benefit from microcurrent stimulation. Clothing should be interactive to enhance and improve our daily lives. Ion Socks are our first product brought to market that can positively impact our day to day health and benefit working people, serious and weekend athletes, as well as our men and women in uniform.   

Is the zinc and technology safe?

Zinc is one of the most common elements found on earth. The human body uses zinc as an essential element for body function. We use zinc daily in products like sunscreen, throat lozenges and antibacterial ointment.

The body itself generates electrical currents and electrical fields in vital organs such as the heart and brain that are easily measured with instruments such as EEG (electroencephalogram) and EKG (electrocardiogram). 

Who’s the team behind Ion Sportswear

Learn about everyone who was involved in creating a proprietary zinc thread that can produce micro-current stimulation when in contact with skin.