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Ion Sportswear Testimonials

This is what our customers have to say about our products at Ion Sportswear. Real people benefiting from the technology of our products. Read about how it changed their lives. 

Ion Sportswear Testimonials

Josh G., Union Carpenter

I have tried several different socks from wool to athletic. My feet create so much moisture in my line of work that it causes pain and discomfort on my skin and toenail health. I started using Ion Sportswear socks a month ago. My feet stay dry even in 130-degree temperature! And the health of my feet skin and toenails have improved dramatically. I highly recommend and rave about these socks!

Ted R.

The socks keep my feet dry, gave me energy and feet did not hurt after doing a 5km race on a treadmill. I will keep using them.

Patrick P.

I absolutely love the socks! The first night I put them on just to try around the house, I really felt the difference… Especially after a long day at work! Had my girlfriend try and even she noted the “energetic” feel the sock had. I was very impressed with them last night on my run as well! The quality of the sock is superb and the density is right on par for what I look for out of an active sock. I am excited to continue wear as I get into my half marathon training… I’d love to advocate your brand!

Active Duty Captain, Special Operations Community

Just did a quick six miler ruck march and my feet feel great again. My feet feel great, and I owe it to your socks.  I gave a pair of socks to my senior enlisted advisor. He really likes them too!

The bottom line is that there is no competition with these socks. I thought I had my go-to no-fail tried and true socks. Through validation in many rigorous training events, selections, and combat, Ion socks put my tried and true socks to shame. I completed a 12-mile ruck march, with no blisters or hot spots. My feet were ready for more! We had no notice training recently, and the Ion socks were the first thing I made sure I packed.

T.S., Tucson, AZ

I found the socks did help in a couple of days. The socks did not “cure” my neuropathy but have kept it to a minimum and I emphasize the word KEPT, much better than the best results of the Gabapentin.

J.C., Tucson, AZ

Breaking two leg bones at the ankle caused extreme pain, swelling and limited my daily activities. Wearing the sock significantly decreases the shooting pain that I get that runs from the foot up the leg. Use of the sock has definitely reduced the swelling of my ankle and I have used less pain medication. Thanks!

The sock has really helped my pain and reduced the swelling of my ankle.

Steve S.

This product really works! I tried powders, sprays, soaking solutions to no avail. Once I tried the socks in your product line I was amazed. My feet haven’t felt this good in years. The odor is totally abated and my feet are dry. The socks are very well made and comfortable. My life has improved since discovering ION Sportswear.

Greg B.

These socks are extremely comfortable and are far better than the socks i’ve been wearing from major sports shoe brands. I felt the difference as soon as I put them on. I experience a lot of soreness in my feet the morning following sports activity and the pain has been significantly reduced after wearing these socks!

Larry M.

Feet really bothered me in bed last night. Sore ankle sensitive in the heel. Put on the socks this morning and walking really well. Great!!

Kevin G.

“My feet did not sweat and the socks were really comfortable.”